Soap Bubbles Bottle Mock-Up


Mock-up of bubble toy.


Blowing bubbles is a fun play time game for children. Its usually played with a soap solution and a bubble blowing wand. It’s a classic toy for children sold in colorful plastic bottles and the wand is included.

This mock-up of bubble toy lets you test the your branding design and allows you to present your work to your client in realistic and colorful way.

By purchasing this mock up you will receive 3 Photoshop files with the bubble toy bottles in different settings including one with a display box. In the files you can edit the design of the labels and the display box. To edit, just copy and paste your design into the designated layer. In the downloaded file you will find:

  • pack bottles.psd
  • three bottles.psd
  • two bottles.psd
  • Help.pdf

File resolution is 2000 × 1500 px at 72ppi, the color mode is in RGB.

You can open the files in the following programs: Adobe Photoshop CS5

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Adobe Photoshop CC


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